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Still, in pains, a year after her husband, who was on an INTERPOL assignment was declared missing husband, Lubabetu Momoh, still hopes he would one day walk through the gate.

Mrs Momoh was feeding her two-year-old baby when this reporter stepped into their two-room apartment.

She told the reporter how life had been for over a year ”without a father and a husband”.

Crying without ceasing, Mrs Momoh said she is scared her husband has been used for rituals.

“Please, I want the public to call and help me ask Felicia if she has used my husband for rituals because using people for rituals and selling people is what is reigning in the world of today. If it is ‘sell’ or rituals that she used my husband for, she should let me know because she is rich and I am not.

”It is my husband that I want, they should ask her to bring my husband out of wherever he is. It is one year now, that my husband went on this journey that is supposed to last for only four days. But until today, I haven’t set my eyes on him,” Mrs Momoh, a mother of three said.

Mrs Momoh, a trader, is the wife of a mechanic, Usman Momoh, who went missing, alongside three policemen, last year.

Mr Momoh and the police officers embarked on a journey to Gabon en-route Cameroon, in September 2018, to recover a stolen vehicle traced to the country by INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization). They are yet to return.

It is believed they got missing while in Cameroon.


Narrating her experience without the man of the house to PREMIUM TIMES, Mrs Momoh said a woman called ‘Mrs Felicia’ (owner of the car) told her husband to accompany the police officers.


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“My husband told me Mrs Felicia sent him and three police officers, Olutope Falode, Mohammed Usman, and Yohanna Gamidan, to Gabon to bring a car she bought.

“Since he left, I have been feeding my children based on how God helps me through people. The person that helps me most is ‘Jibril’, although he has been trying his best, we all know how difficult things are in the country.’

When this reporter asked who Mr Jibril was to her, she said Jibril is her ”younger sister’s husband”.

She added that aside Mr Jibril, her husband’s elder sister, “Esther, she gave me N5, 000 twice and since then, there has been nobody that would give us help. Except the little, I get from my small provisions.

“This particular woman that sent Momoh called Felicia since my husband travelled, she has never for once called us and if I call her to make enquiries on my husband’s journey since she said she knew him before engaging him in the travel… since he left no one has heard from him.”

Mrs Momoh explained how she contacted Felicia and the police authorities.

“Since then this woman has not called me and I have not heard anything and even though I go to the Force Headquarters or the state CID, they don’t have any other thing to tell me aside I should go and keep on praying.”

The mother of three cried for help. “School is about resuming I do not know if my children would resume with them or not. When my husband was around, it is not hard for him to pay his children’s fees.”

She added that “eating wasn’t difficult too but now that Felicia has taken my husband to only God knows where and if I ask her, she would say she does not know.”

The mechanic’s wife complained that whenever she visits the force headquarters, ”she has always been told that they did not send her husband.

“Even if they are not the ones that sent him, they know that he went with those officers and he has wives and children before he left and since he left, I have not seen anything that the Police has done to help the situation,” she added.

“Even if is their corpses, they should trace and bring them back,” she says.

Ms Felicia has declined comments since the first reaction she gave in the first report. She maintains her innocence in the whole saga.

Officer’s wife speaks

In a telephone interview with PREMIUM TIMES, one of the missing officers’ wife, Elizabeth Falode, also pleaded with the authorities to ensure the return of her husband.

“He had never gone on this type of journey before,” she said. “Even though his salary is still running, we do not want the money, the children and I want him back.”

PREMIUM TIMES contacted the Commissioner of Police INTERPOL, Garba Umar, again for an update on the missing men.

He said tersely: “The Interpol has opened a global effort to find them. We are trying our best to ensure their safe return to their loved ones.”


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