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Many Nigerians have called on the management of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, to sack Bisi Olaleye, a lecturer enmeshed in fresh sex-for-mark scandal.

PREMIUM TIMES exclusively reported how Motunrayo Afolayan, a 400-level student of the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Administration, accused Mr Olaleye of sexually harassing her with audio recording.

The seven minutes audio recording is part of the evidence presented by Ms Afolayan before the panel set to probe the allegations.

A male student of the department identified as Sikiru, was heard in the audio recording assuring Ms Afolayan of good results if she agreed to Mr Olaleye’s overture.

This newspaper also reported how other victims have narrated their shocking experiences with the same lecturer.

For instance, one of them, identified simply as Chisom, shared in a WhatsApp group the screenshots of messages exchanged between her and Mr Olaleye, where the lecturer asked her to send her nude pictures, “and how much horny he feels whenever he sees the student’s picture.”

Another student, who expressed regret that she allowed Mr Olaleye to sleep with her, shared her message with the lecturer, saying the sexual relationship they were into was against her faith. But Mr Olaleye allegedly continued to pester her to send him pictures of her private part, even when the student said she was menstruating.

Having established a prima facie case against him, the management of the university said it had halved the lecturer’s salaries pending the outcome of the matter before the panel.

Call for sanction

Many Nigerians on social media have called for the lecturer’s removal and prosecution.

@iam_alfred said “Within the past 72hrs, more persons have testified to the ‘randiness’ of Dr. Bisi- past and current students. OAU has every evidences necessary to make him a deterrent since he refused to learn from Prof. Akindele’s ordeal.

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“The most honourable deed is; #OAUTakeBisiOut!

“I’m pained not because he boastfully takes advantage of the students but cos some of his colleagues are aware of this and have kept mute. HOD and other officials in the dept. cannot deny knowledge of Bisi’s randy acts.

“There’s a criminal conspiracy in the system!”


@officialakisaac: “If this can be said by a lecturer who is supposed to be a mentor, then he should be sent to JAIL and learn more in PRISON.


@OgbeniDipo @segalink @insideOAU @OAUtrends @instablog9ja @OoniAdimulaIfe





@shinorauomi “Further evidence against OAU sex for grade lecturer Mr Bisi Olaleye after his newly released audio tape. School management are trying to sweep it under the carpet. We seek justice! #OAUTakeBisiOut

@uchejombo @abikedabiri @kikimordi @HenshawKate

Kehinde Babajide “Sexual Predators do not live long. Taking advantage of people under you in order to satisfy yourself is uncalled for and disheartening. Anyone caught in such acts should be hanged.


@lady-karimah: “We’re not ready to keep shut untill we get our justice. For more than 7 months, Motunrayo has been a roller coaster of emotions. Barely able to read properly for her final year exam because of a beast. Beacause of Olabisi Olaleye. #OAUTakeBisiOut

And justice we seek,

“I heard there’s an OAU lecturer in the department of international relations, faculty of admin, who has been terrorizing female students, forcing them into having sex in exchange for grades…

I believe the voice of the students and it’s time for action. #OAUTakeBisiOut”

@the_brezzident: “#OAUTakeBisiOut


This man needs to be taken out of the system. Our younger colleagues cannot face This!!!!!!!!!

Please anytime this comes up on your tl. Kindly retweet!.

God bless us!!

@kikimordi: “I’m proud of everyone strongly doing what they can to amplify the #OAUTakeBisiOut hasthtag.

So I stand with every student of OAU to DEMAND that the school swings into action given evidence one of her lectures engages in #SexForGrades

#SexForGrades IS RAPE!

OAU needs to know that we won’t let this one be swept under the carpet and we will continue to demand the institution’s accountability. Not just the lecturers.

Tell us if you lack the capacity to protect your students from sexual abuse or if you have your student’s back. Silence is an answer too.


@Mosopefoluwa: “It is Bisi Olaleye of the Dept of International Relations, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife I was talking about here. He missed his TV spot then but his time is now. I hope everyone gets to know the creep.


@themy_thorpe: “I have friends that this man has victimized and also heard what he does to other girls and how he always insists that they come and check results in his office when Eportal is there. Half salary is not punitive enough, he deserves to face the law! #OAUTakeBisiOut

@heydemilade: “An open letter from the final year students of the department of International Relations at Obafemi Awolowo University! Please Retweet! Let the world know that we have a RAPIST as a lecturer and we want him GONE! SEX FOR GRADES IS RAPE! #OAUTAKEBISIOUT! RT! RT! RT! RT! RT!


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