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You may like Google. You may love Facebook. You may desire to build a company of phenomenal growth trajectories as GTB, Zenith or OPay but while you dream those lofty dreams you need to first acknowledge that high growth organizations are never products of accident.

So how exactly is “High Growth Companies” created? What is often the role of leadership in creating high growth organizations?

First, leaders set the tone for everything. It is critical to understand that only high capacity leaders can create high growth companies. Interestingly also, each time your company grows you need to grow some more to be capable of creating more growth for that same company. That looks like a “vicious cycle” right? That’s what it is, building high growth companies places a never-ending demand for excellence and continuous improvement on leaders.

Second, leaders must be intentional at creating high performance cultures in their organization. Only organizations averaging 95% aggregate individual performance can ever become high growth. Suffice to say that it is people that build companies.

Lastly, Leaders must create environment for self-leadership. No company can ever become high growth where the norm is micro management. Where people lead themselves they grow the company.

Let me be honest, I am no expert in organizational growth. But if you would love to learn how exactly leaders create high growth organization from an individual who is super competent to talk about it, then here is your opportunity.

Rashidat Adebisi is currently the Chief Clients Officer at AXA Mansard. AXA Mansard is a leading non-bank financial institution and a member of AXA Group, the worldwide leader in Insurance and Asset Management with 160,000 employees serving 105 million clients in 62 countries.

Rashidat Adebisi was educated at the prestigious University of Lincolnshire, London. She is a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountants of UK, a Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute UK as well as an alumnus Said Business School, University of Oxford. She served as the Chief Finance Officer at AXA Mansard for several years.

Leadership Culture
Leadership Culture

In 2016 she was appointed Director of Retail Solutions helping the company drive high value retail penetration strategies before moving on to her role as Chief Client’s Officer
Rashidat Adebisi will be speaking alongside 24 other speakers at the Sales Leadership Conference 2020 on the topic: How Leaders Create High Growth Companies.

You can register at: to attend SLC
DATE: March 6 & 7, 2020
VENUE: Muson Centre, Marina, Lagos.
For inquiries you can Call :8140063405, 8138725682, 9070047690 or email:


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