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Egypt confirmed on Friday its first case of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in a foreigner who had been put into isolation in hospital, Reuters has reported.

The health ministry said in a statement that it had immediately informed the World Health Organisation and had taken all necessary preventative measures

It, however, did not give the nationality of the affected person, or any other details.

Confirming the case, WHO Eastern Mediterranean on twitter handle @WHOEMRO, said the person was carrying the virus, but had not shown any symptoms and was in a stable condition.

The UN health agency confirmed the first COVID19 case in Egypt, after official confirmation by Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population.

It said WHO Egypt and the country’s health agencies are collaborating closely in outbreak investigation and response actions.

With the new confirmed case, the total number cases in the WHOEMRO region is 9: UAE, 8 and Egypt, 1.

Though there have been scares and suspected cases in Africa, the Egyptian case is the first confirmed case reported in Africa.

No respite

Meanwhile, there seems to be no respite yet from the ongoing (Covid-19) coronavirus outbreak as there are now 47,505 laboratory confirmed cases of the disease in China.

WHO in its daily briefing said there are now a total of 47,505 laboratory-confirmed COVID19 cases in China, and 16,427 cases that have been clinically-confirmed in Hubei province.

As of Friday, there have been 1,381 deaths in China, including 121 reported today.

Meanwhile, outside China, there have been 505 cases in 24 countries and two deaths.

This was before the announcement of confirmed case in Egypt.

These figures have been rising consistently since the disease was first detected in Wuhan in December and there is no timeline yet on how soon the world would have a cure or vaccine to contain its spread.

WHO Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyesus, said they are seeking further clarity on how clinical diagnosis is being made, to ensure other respiratory illnesses including influenza are not getting mixed into the COVID-19 data.

“As you know, China has changed the way it reports data from Hubei province.”

The number of new cases appeared to be stabilising until Thursday, when China changed its methodology for counting the disease.


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