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Kannywood actor, Sani Sadiq, has revealed that he will not stop dancing in Hausa movies until when he gets old and cannot dance again.

Sadiq said this in an interview with BBC Hausa on Wednesday.

Sadiq said he will not stop dancing in Hausa films ”not anytime soon because I love doing it and even when I get old I will shake my legs”.

Sadiq is among few Kannywood actors that have made impact in the Hausa film industry. He is seen as very skilful and among the few that can fit into any role given to them in a movie.

He is also celebrated for his classic dance skills although second to Adam Zango who does not only dance but owns a musical record company, WhiteHouse Records.

Sadiq was outstanding in Hausa film big-budget movies including Dan Marayan Zaki, Ali Ya ga Ali, Hanyar Kano, Wani Gari, Mati da Lado, and trending movie, Mati A Zazzau, where he played the lead role.

“I think as far as I remain an actor in Kannywood, I will dance even when I get old. That is my resolve,” he said.

Sadiq, who is married, also said he does not intend to take another wife.

“I love my wife and it is her and only her now. I have friends and some of them are in the Kannywood,” he said.

When asked who is his best friend, the actor said Rahama Sadau.

“Rahama Sadau is very special to me, she is a courageous person, trustworthy and keeps to promise,” he said. “She is somebody you can trust any time any day.”

Also describing what upsets him, the actor said gossip irritates him.

“I hate it when you talk about someone or people with me, it irritates me. I hate it.”


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