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A N3.6 billion contract awarded to Adda Nigeria Limited to supply official vehicles to Bauchi government officials included vehicles already purchased and paid for by the government.

PREMIUM TIMES has investigated how the Bauchi governor, Bala Mohammed, awarded the contract to a company in which he is a director, in clear violation of federal code of conduct laws and the state’s procurement law.

In addition to being a director in the company, Adda Nigeria Limited is also being controlled by Mr Mohammed’s close ally, Abdullahi Yari.

In September, the governor approved the contract for the supply of 105 vehicles for top government officials, legislators and judges. Officials familiar with the deal and documents seen by PREMIUM TIMES indicate that the contract was actually awarded earlier than September.

The government did not fully account for how the 105 vehicles would be shared and who benefit from them.

A document obtained by PREMIUM TIMES show that under the contract the governor will get two Land Cruiser V8 jeep with a contract value of N49 million each.

The deputy governor will also get a Prado jeep V8 at N49 million.

For the secretary to the state government (SSG), a Prado jeep V6 valued at N39 million was ordered. In addition to the SAG, the party chairman, who holds no official government position was scheduled to receive a similar car.

A similar vehicle is also slated for use as “convoy lead car” and one other for use as “Convoy H.E’s guest”.

The bill of quantity also shows a purchase of 31 Prado jeep V6 for the 31 members of the state’s House of Assembly.

Twenty commissioners were also billed to get black Toyota Camry, without giving further specifics. Deputy chairman of the state’s ruling party, according to the document, will also get a similar vehicle.

Chevrolet 2018 vehicles were also ordered for 27 judges in the state, costing tax payers N1.02 billion.

Dubious duplication

Evidence found by PREMIUM TIMES show that prior to the award of the procurement, the state government had bought at least four sets of the same vehicles.

Records of the state government’s contracts for 2019 obtained by this newspaper show at least four instances of the purchase of exotic vehicles between May and and September, 2019.

In the runoff to the handover, the outgoing government on May 9, 2019 issued contract for the supply of vehicles at the sum of N75,757,000 to Westwood Motors Limited. The purpose of the vehicles were not stated.

In a May 20 contract to the same company, the outgoing administration ordered for new vehicles for use of the incoming governor and his deputy. The vehicles cost N419,055,000.

On July 10, at the heat of crisis in the state’s House of Assembly, Mr Mohammed’s government awarded two contracts for the supply of vehicles for use of members of the state House of Assembly.

One of the contracts was awarded to Web-Mag Services Ltd at N238,300,000.

The other one, awarded Bagah International Limited at the cost of N75,870,000, was for the supply of Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and one 2018 Toyota Hilux van.

Adda Nigeria Limited was also awarded a separate contract in September of that year to supply two Toyota Camry V6 at the cost of N72,555,000.

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Curiously, the N3.6 billion vehicle supply contract for Adda Nigeria Limited is omitted from the awarded contracts for the year.

A spokesperson of the governor, Mukhtar Gidado said he was unaware of the earlier purchase.

“You know I didn’t join the government from May (2019) so I wouldn’t know,” he told PREMIUM TIMES through telephone on Wednesday.

But a staff working at the Bauchi Government House who is not authorised to speak confirmed the delivery of the new vehicles for the governor, his deputy and a few officials immediately Mr Mohammed came to office.


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