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New York has had its biggest daily death toll yet after nearly 600 people died from the coronavirus under 24 hours.

The total death toll is now nearing 3, 000 in the state of 18 million people after 592 deaths were reported on Friday, with officials warning that the city is days away from a “D-Day” when the pandemic will overwhelm hospitals.

The disturbing uptick was followed with a plea by Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York on the U.S. government for the redeployment of medical personnel and equipment “from states where the virus has yet to hit in full force compared to New York”.

New York is the epicenter of covid-19 in the U.S. and has by far the most cases and the most deaths in America.

The state’s death toll nearly doubled in the last three days to reach a total of 2, 935 with 102, 863 confirmed cases as of Friday evening, data from showed.

New York is the only city within a country to record over 100, 000 infections. Only two hardest-hit European nations have crossed that threshold – Spain and Italy with 117, 710 and 119, 627 confirmed cases respectively.

“I’m not going to let people die because we didn’t redistribute ventilators,” Mr. Cuomo said, according to New York Times, after signing an executive order letting him to move ventilators from hospitals with lower needs to those with dire shortages within the state.

The U.S

In the span of a month, the coronavirus pandemic has radically soared to disturbing heights in the U.S. – from a fewer than 100 confirmed cases and two deaths as of March 1 to over 250, 000 infections, data from showed.

More than 6, 000 people have died in the country.

Even if all of the social distancing guidelines are followed “perfectly,” health experts in America believe the death toll in the country could still reach 100,000 to 200,000.

The U.S. already has the highest number of reported infections in the world, nearly a quarter of the global total and President Donald Trump on Wednesday said the nation should brace for “a very very difficult upcoming two weeks”.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics on Friday said coronavirus forced an economic shutdown in the country, noting that over 700, 000 Americans have lost their jobs.

Globally, more than a million people have been infected and over 50, 000 have died.

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