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Kannywood film marketer and promoter, Hassana Dalhat, has said that the Hausa film industry will remain challenged for a very long time before any miracle to get it back on its feet happens.

She said this is especially in terms of generating revenue for itself.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES in Kaduna on Sunday, Mrs Dalhat said it has been too bad a business since the return of movies to cinemas for many marketers and promoters of the Kannywood films.

“Many people who make a living in the industry are now lying low. No business. Go to marketers’ shops in Kaduna and Kano. Some have packed up because there are no films to sell again. Filmmakers are running at a loss. So, they stopped.

“Let me tell you PREMIUM TIMES, I have been doing the business of promoting and marketing Hausa films and Hausa novels all my life. I know what it is in the industry. It (has been) a disaster for many marketers and promoters since movies returned to cinemas.

“Not even the producers and filmmakers are happy with that. But, sincerely, there is nothing they can do about it. Piracy has eaten up the industry and many people have to lay low.

“Since regulators and even we in the field cannot find a lasting solution to the problem, we allow everything to happen as it is. Films only go to the cinemas. I have spoken to many producers who have taken their films to the cinemas. They run at a loss. Our people are not the cinema type. Here, I mean the people who patronise the movies are really not people who will ordinarily go to the cinemas. They prefer to buy films and watch at home.

“Even women at homes use to show the films and rent them at a cheaper price. It has all stopped now.”

Making movies

Mrs Dalhat said that while filmmakers are struggling to make movies and still show them at the cinemas, in Kano, making movies is becoming difficult by the day.

“Only the rich guys among the players can make films now. That’s it, and you will have to promote it to the extent of begging people to please go and watch your film. That is not good enough for the industry.

“Now the Coronavirus has virtually stopped everything and I am not sure even if everything gets to return to normal, people will have time to do movies ever.

“Just recently Rahama Sadau released her newest movie, ‘Mati a Zazzau’, you can see how she was moving all over to ask people to go and watch her film. It is now difficult.

“Now many film producers have returned to making films for cable Television. They make films and sell their franchise to TV stations to televise. We are just running out of business.”

Way forward

Mrs Dalhat said that the only way forward is to get the private sector and the government invest in the industry.

“The government has to get involved, even at the state level. It will serve as a source of revenue for the states. It will generate employment for young Nigerians and many others.

“The North, with its population, needs this and time is running out,” she said.

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