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The National Human Rights Commission has partnered with civic groups to unveil a new digital platform that would aid the reporting of human rights abuses in Nigeria.

The platform,, can be used to document, report and investigate human rights violations in Nigeria, according to a Wednesday night statement announcing the service.

Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation, Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), Nigerian Civil Society Situation Room, Department for International Development (UKAID) and Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC) are amongst the organisations that developed and sponsored the project.

The app would let users upload pictures of events, with an indication of location, time and nature of violations. The user is also able to input other information like the name of the alleged violator(s) and victim(s) and other real-time information that can be further verified by the responders.

The online platform is also able to collate, analyse and generate results and data for the reports and provide dash-board information for the public.

Nigeria has been gripped by decades of rights abuses, a situation that has failed to improve despite the government’s efforts.

Technology has helped amplify some of the abuses in recent years, as visual details of gruesome assaults by security agents are regularly uploaded online.

Security agencies have been linked to dozens of rights abuses and deaths since the recent outbreak of coronavirus, some of which ignited outrage on social media. A recent NHRC report showed that Nigerian security agents enforcing the coronavirus lockdown have killed more citizens in two weeks than the deadly virus.

The latest project, in line with NHRC’s core mandate of monitoring and investigation of human rights violations, would make reporting of abuses easier for citizens, from where responsibility towards redress would shift to the commission.

The NHRC, which is an independent government agency, also publishes an annual state of human rights report for the country, a role that the platform would help make more efficient and effective.

The online platform will not just help victims report abuses and abusers, it will bring the individuals and agencies behind any human rights violation to account, the promoters said.

The platform will also be used by the commission to scale up its efficiency and effectiveness in the performance of its functions. CSO partners and citizens are encouraged to file reports.

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