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Kannywood actor and singer, Adam Zango, has released a new song title ‘coronavirus.’

The singer, who released the song on his Instagram page last Tuesday, caught the attention of many of his followers and especially northern folks.

The four minutes combination of Hausa and English lyrics was full of prayers for God to protect the people from contracting the deadly virus.

He also urged people to follow the advice of doctors and practice hygiene as encouraged by health professionals.

In the song, Zango appealed to wealthy celebrities to help the less privileged during the lockdown period.

Many fans reproduced the song with their faces in prayer posture. Some of them were moved emotionally by the lyrics of the song crying while singing in their videos.

Elated fans

PREMIUM TIMES spoke with some people about the song and it significance at this time.

Hawwa Ladan, a resident of Kaduna said, “it s indeed the right time to make a song like that”.

“Zango has always made us proud. This song is what we play all this week. It is very emotional. I had to listen to it plenty of times. Our people can be stubborn. They still don’t see the coronavirus thing as a serious problem. Songs like this will really go a long way.

“Kaduna, Kano and the FCT are all part of the North and you can see the rise in cases everyday all because some of our people are ignorant and careless. This song will help.”

Hussaini Lawal enthused: “it is sad that till now some of our people in the north are still not sure of the virus, a song like this will go a long way. I applaud the actor for thinking in that direction and producing a song like that.”

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Zango had in April, said that “the Kannywood industry is witnessing a total blackout because of the coronavirus pandemic. Is it acting, producing, making music, all have to be in a team of colleagues, but now it is not possible because of social distancing and even lockdown order.”

He also urged Nigerians, especially northerners, who do not believe the virus exists to “come back to their senses accept the reality and protect themselves”.

“Most northerners never believe that coronavirus is real. They feel why would the government deny us going to the mosque and markets. I want to call on all that never believe in this virus to wake up from their slumber because it is not a joke.”

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