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Lesotho confirmed its index case of coronavirus on Wednesday thus making it the last African country to have a recorded case.

A press statement issued by Director-General of Health Services read “The Ministry of Health informs the Basotho nation and the entire community living in Lesotho, that the country now has the first confirmed case of Covid-19.

“On the 9th May 2020, the Ministry conducted 81 (eighty-one) tests for COVID-19 from travellers from South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

“Results came back from South Africa on Tuesday, May 12 and indicated that 80 people tested negative for COVID-19 while one tested positive for COVID-19.”

Africanews reported that till date “the country has obtained 597 specimens which have been tested by South Africa’s National Institute of Communicable Diseases, NICD; 295 are negative and 301 are still pending results.”

Algeria’s test kits

Meanwhile, in Algeria, the government has announced the production of rapid test kits.

The junior minister in charge of pharmaceutical production, Lotfi Benbahmed, said this on state television.

The kits which can return results in 15 minutes are being produced in a laboratory located in the capital, Algiers. It has a production capacity of 200,000 units per week.

Two foreign firms – one Jordanian and the other Canadian, according to africanews are giving support to the production company.

In a bid to curb the spread of the virus, $100 million was allocated to import medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. Like other African countries, Algeria has also benefitted from medical donations from China.

Algeria which recorded its first case of the virus on February 17, after an Italian arrived the country, is the country with the 4th highest number of cases in Africa.

It, according to Worldometer, has a total of 6,253 confirmed cases, 522 deaths and 3,058 recoveries.

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