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Kannywood multi-skilled entertainer and artist, Nura Inuwa, has revealed how his song, ‘Ga Wuri Ga Waina’ persuaded a young woman against committing suicide.

Inuwa said he was elated when he was told that the woman, whose name he would not mention, stopped her plan to kill herself after listening to the song. The artist did not say when the incident happened or where the woman lives.

“I sang plenty of songs that have changed people’s perception about the ways of living. In ‘Ga Wuri Ga Waina’, I sang about how wrong it is for one to commit suicide and the consequences of doing that on the day of judgement, from the teaching of Islam.

“After I sang the song, one day some people called me on the phone and told me that my song had saved a soul. It has save a young girl from committing suicide. That after she listen to the song, she confessed to them that she changed her mind because of the lyrics.”

The singer, who spoke on BBC Hausa on Saturday, also recalled how another man called to tell him that he desisted from forcing his daughter into marriage after listening to his song, ‘Tambihi.’

The song advises parents against marrying out their daughters out of their will, and narrated the dangers of doing that to both the parent and the child.

He also spoke about how much he loves singing love songs for Kannywood movies.

“I enjoy writing and singing love songs because for me love is everything. I sang a song, ‘Dafin So,’ meaning ‘Love poison.’ That song was widely listened to and again someone I never met called to say he changed his mind on divorcing his wife after listening to the song.

The song is about how couples should remain together, love one another and figure out how to cope with one another.

Inuwa said he does not act in motion pictures because he needs to concentrate on his music vocation.

Mahmood Lawal, a fan of the singer who lives in Kano, told Premium Times of his attraction to Nura’s music.

“He appears in movies very little but his songs are one of a kind. He talked about social ills and things that correct the society, especially the Hausa community. He is a legend.”

Hassana Dalhat, a resident of Kaduna, said, “His songs are like magic, he talked about realities and how to fix issues. Some of his songs also worked for me too, like ‘Dafin So’ and many others.

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