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Contribute to our Community, Earn Points and Win Cash

AskNowNow is the  place where people can ask almost any question and get answers that are amazing, from people who really understand the issues and have first-hand knowledge.

To encourage people to ask popular questions, make use enquiry and share knowledge by answering questions,  we will run a weekly give-away thus:

  1. The Most Voted Question per week (N5,000)
  2. The Most Voted Answer per week (N5,000)
  3. Highest Ranking User (Point system) (N5,000)

So, people are encouraged to contribute to the community through any of the above, then invite friends to vote for your questions and answers.

Our intelligent system keeps tracks of every activity on the platform and awards users points based on various activities on the platform.

As you earn points, you rise to the top of the leaderboard and become entitled to the weekly cash prize.

How Our Point System Works

You EARN POINTS when any of the following happens:

  1. You register on the platform (10 points)
  2. You ask a relevant question (5 points)
  3. You answer a question (6 points)
  4. Other other users up-vote your question (2 points)
  5. Other users up-vote your answer (2 points)
  6. You up-vote a relevant question (2 points)
  7. You up-vote an intuitive answer
  8. When you follow any other user on the platform (1 point)

You LOOSE POINTS through the following:

  1. Other other users down-vote your question (2 points)
  2. Other users down-vote your answer (2 points)
  3. When you unfollow any other user on the platform (1 point)

How to get your questions or answered upvoted.

  • Ask many smart and relevant questions that have not been asked by other users 
  • Provide useful and intelligent answers that will inspire other users to upvote 
  • Start your question with “What”, “How”, “Why”, “When”, “Where” etc

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